Ouseburn Open Studios Nov 2011

To all you North East art, design, craft and culture fans the Ouseburn Open Studios 2011 is imminent..26-27November. Covet will be waiting eagerly for your visit to Studio 36 at The Biscuit Tin Studios..!!

Looking forward to meeting some new people and catching up with familiar faces!


Art Deco Enamel Butterfly Comb

Art Deco Enamel Butterfly Comb
White & green enamel butterfly jewel with diamonte, pearl and set stones on silver hair comb.

I came across this lovely butterfly while I was sourcing vintage brooches for a wedding commission.  I love it's clean simplicity and shape - and it spoke Art Deco to me.  So I brought in some tear-drop set stones to bring the Art Deco classic fountain shape to life. 

Vintage Button Hair-clips

Vintage Button Hair-clips - (1) Blue/Neutral
A selection of vintage buttons on a black hair-clip. 

Sometimes a button is so deliciously lovely in itself, that it needs to be the centre of attention in a simple design.  That is the case with these vintage button hair-clips I've recently made. 
This set of 2 hair-clips are combination of lovely turquoise and natural tone buttons - a classic retro combination of colours that work so nicely together.

Coming to a market stall near YOU, Newcastle!